Weston Frizzell Title "PAKOPAKA"
Weston Frizzell Title "PAKOPAKA"

Weston Frizzell Title "PAKOPAKA"

A Collaboration between Mike Weston and Otis Frizzell Title PAKOPAKA With signatures - Framed Print

A screenprint that continues the conversation between the formal koru paintings of Gordon Walters and Weston Frizzell’s contemporary urban art. Like “Tututables” Panapaka has a musical theme, this time the koru form the unmistakable outline of a portable cassette tape player, popularly known as a boom box. Which is the title of the print, “Pana = “Band”, Paka = “Box”.

  • Offset printed
  • 56 × 38cm in size
  • Framed artwork measures 62 × 51cm (with matboard), 58 × 40cm (without matboard)
  • Heavy 220gsm satin finish stock
  • All prints are hand-signed by Mike Weston and Otis Frizzell
Regular price $528.00 NZD Sale price $660.00 NZD

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