Attic Homestore is unique among interiors stores, specialising in the finishing touches that allow you to express your individual personality in your space. Hours are spent sourcing vintage and design pieces from New Zealand and around the world have resulted in an evolving collection of beautiful homewares, like no other.

Dress your home and table with pieces from our stunning collection of silver, crystal and porcelain tableware, and barware. Not just for celebrating special occasions, but used and displayed to enhance your everyday environment.

Italian art glass, bronze sculptures & original artworks and prints will provide the focal points in your home, and become your heirloom pieces for the future.

Attic's extensive range of English velvets, French linens, and multi-textured hides, fur, and woollen soft furnishings, provide texture, colour, and comfort - completing your individual home interior.

Attic has done the hard work for you - bringing together this beautiful collection for you to choose from - enjoy selecting treasures for your home, I shop for the love of beautiful things and the desire to resurrect those precious items handcrafted to perfection.  Attic is for people who care about beauty, quality and longevity over convenience and trends.