KINGDOM | Diffusers
KINGDOM | Diffusers
KINGDOM | Diffusers
KINGDOM | Diffusers

KINGDOM | Diffusers

A contemporary style diffuser for lovers of elegance and modest sophistication.Available in 6 Fragrances.

Lemograss & Lime

A juxtaposition of energising lemongrass and calming ylang ylang make this fragrance perfect for a moment's escapism or an uplifting retreat from reality. FRAGRANCE NOTES: LEMONGRASS, KAFFIR LIME, GINGER, LEMON PEEL, STAR JASMINE,MANDARIN, ROSEWOOD, VANILLA BEAN, YLANG YLANG.


English Pine & Cedar

This candle is a perfect accompaniment to the warmth of a fireside armchair. In fact, this scent feels just like home.  FRAGRANCE NOTES: FRESH AND SCOTCH PINE, CEDAR, SMOKED OAK, WILD BASIL, SAGE, FIR,REDWOOD CEDAR, OUD

Vetiver & Ivy

It's classy, it's cool, it's sexy and it's got a distinct air of intrigue that lends in it's irresistibility. FRAGRANCE NOTES: FREESIA, IVY, CEDAR LEAF, FIR, MISTLETOE, MUSK, SANDALWOOD, LAVENDAR, LEATHER, LIME, OUD, AMBER, SMOKED OAK, VITIVER, FRANKINCENSE, COASTAL SPICES.


Lychee & Black Orchid

Bring intrigue and elegance to your favourite spaces with this luxurious scent. FRAGRANCE NOTES: LYCHEE FRUIT, BLACK ORCHID, WHITE TEA, SUBTLE SANDALWOOD,GERANIUM, LILAC, JASMINE.

Blackberry & Bay leaf

A delicate yet intoxicating scent to be appreciated on your own, or with company. FRAGRANCE NOTES: BLACKBERRY, BAY LEAF, LEMON, NEROLI, CLOVE, GRAPEFRUIT, SANDALWOOD, AMBER, CASSIS

Clove & Tobacco

The earthy warmth of woody oak moss, oud and patchouli have the grounding presence of calm and connection, reminiscent of a long-lasting love. FRAGRANCE NOTES: TOBACCO, LEATHER, CLOVE, GERANIUM, OAKMOSS, OUD, PATCHOULI.



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